Casually Addicted

A Guild As Old As Family.

Lok'tar, Friend. We are a social, raiding guild located on the Horde side of the RP server, Moon Guard. We've been on this server and in the community since 2006. Prior to that, we were The Protectorate League of Gilneas. We're always searching for new recruits for the guild.

Our Raid Team

Name Class Spec Role
Jørdan Shaman Restoration Raid Leader
Chandashi Monk Mistweaver Assistant Raid Leader LEGENDARY
Zefferil Paladin Holy Member
Doire Druid Restoration Assistant Guild Leader
Velanthos Priest Holy Member
Aitrug Druid Restoration Member
Noctes Death Knight Blood Assistant Guild Leader
Tardacious Demon Hunter Vegence Member
Burrza Warlock Afflicition Veteran LEGENDARY
Relkaris Mage Fire Member
Mìá Warlock Demonology Member
Ambryll Priest Shadow Veteran
Pixxni Warlock Demonology Member
Suroth Warrior Arms Member
Kindiani Rogue Veteran
Derilla Demon Hunter Havoc Veteran
Aketoth Shaman Enhancment Veteran
Tamayo Monk Windwalker Member
Luthell Warrior Arms Member
Brospud Druid Feral Member

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